About Us


West London GP Federation (London Medical Associates Ltd) operates contracts for the management and provision of Out of Hospital and Extended Hours services covering the West London CCG area: Royal Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and the Paddington and Queens Park areas of Westminster Borough. We are also involved in providing Clinical Pharmacy resources to our member practices and empowering research collaboration through our work with the National Institute for Health Research.


The Federation acts in the best interests of the patients and practices it represents. We are made up of a wide range of clinicians and experienced administrative staff. Our board is made up of local GPs and a managing director.


We are remunerated in a number of different ways and from various sources that include the local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and from practices that support the work we do as well as other NHS organisations.


"The Federation gives us the opportunity to better respond to the needs of our community and allows us to share best practice ."

— Dr. Hennessey, Clinical Director


“Bringing pharmacists into general practice is really exciting and offers new benefits to our patients.”

— Aasim, Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacists

West London GP Federation is pleased to be part of the NHS England Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice Scheme. This is an exciting development for our member practices and patients who will benefit from the expertise that clinical pharmacists will bring to the general practice team.

Clinical Pharmacists will either be independent prescribers or working towards independent prescribing status if not already held. Whilst their roles will vary depending on practice needs, we envisage that clinical pharmacists will undertake a wide variety of roles.

1. Clinical services

  • Managing and prescribing for long-term conditions: e.g. asthma, COPD, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes

  • Medication reviews especially patients on complex polypharmacy

  • Interpreting/Requesting pathology tests and other investigations

  • Triaging and managing common ailments

  • Addressing medicines adherence with patients

  • Working closely with GPs and practice staff to resolve day-to-day medicines issues

  • Taking part in multidisciplinary case reviews

  • Carrying out face-to-face or telephone follow up with patients

  • Supporting GPs and other practice staff to deliver on QOF, QIPP, and locally commissioned enhanced services (e.g. PSS)

  • Signposting patients to appropriate services and other healthcare professionals

  • Implementing NICE and other local/national guidance

2. Prescription management

  • Management of repeat prescribing, prescription reauthorisations and acute medicines requests

  • Reconciliation of medicines in outpatient and discharge letters — including liaison with hospital, community and primary care colleagues to ensure correct medicines are continued following transfer of care

  • Answering medicines information enquiries from GPs, other healthcare professionals and patients

  • Implementing systems for monitoring medicines usage such as antibiotics and high risk drug monitoring

The Clinical Pharmacists were able to review all my medications and give me advice on when best to take them...
— COPD Patient in West London

3. Audit and Education

  • Conducting clinical audits

  • Contributing to clinical education of healthcare professionals and practice staff

  • Providing leadership of quality improvement programmes that involve medicines